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For those looking for health insurance for those under the age of 65 plans, there are numerous options. The Affordable Care Act brought about changes in health insurance that eliminated any pre-existing conditions. These plans can be purchased on or off the marketplace. Med Plan Advisors will help you through the process of selecting the appropriate plan and as always our help is of NO COST to you!

Typically, these plans have an anual enrollment period in the fall. At times, there may be exceptions to this rule that would allow for enrollment during an SEP or SPecial Election Period. We would be happy to see if you may qualify for this SEP.

Some of the Insurance carriers with ACA plans are: Blue Cross & Blues Shield, Priority Health, AM Better,

Short-Term Plans

In some instances, it may be appropriate to select a short-term medical plan. We can help with those as well.

Some of the Insurance carriers with Short-Term plans are: UHC, Priority Health,

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